Treating Sensory Disturbances at Osteopathy Bern

Sensory Disturbances

Sensory Disturbances are characterised by abnormal sensations in the arms and/or legs, usually described as a tingling, burning or numb sensation. It can also present as an area that is very sensitive/painful to touch.

Common Causes

The causes can vary and are sometimes difficult to detect. Often times, sensory disturbances occur due to severe muscular tensions but also due to compression e.g. by inflammation and swelling close to the area of sensory disturbance, however compression sites can also be higher up, e.g. in the spine. Other underlying conditions are possible which has to be evaluated during your visit. 
Important to Know

If you are experiencing sensory disturbances for a long time and/or you have weakness as well, please consult your GP first.

If sensory disturbances occur suddenly and are linked to slurred speech, issues with your eye sight, facial drooping or weakness, please consult medical care immediately.

How Osteopathie Bern helps Sensory Disturbances

Depending on the underlying cause, osteopathy will help to reduce muscle tensions and release tensions at possible compression sites by using gentle pumping- and mobilisation techniques of surrounding joints as well as techniques to decompress areas of hightened tension. 

We will help you to get a better understanding of your symptoms and provide advice as needed such as for self care but also possible referral pathways.

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