Treating Headaches at Osteopathy Bern


Headaches are a very common problem that probably most people encounter at some point. There are more than 200 types of headache, which can have different triggers, locations, pain character, intensities and accompanying symptoms. The best known are tension-type headaches, migraines and cluster headaches. Headaches can also occur in the context of other diseases and injuries. Headaches can be treated by adjusting behaviour (lifestyle!), home remedies or medicines. These measures often also have a preventive effect.


Common Headaches treated at osteopathy Bern

Tension type headaches associated with increased muscle tensions in the head, neck and shoulder region, and headaches associated to restricted movement in the joints of the neck, are most commonly treated at Osteopathy Bern.

If you have diagnosed migraines, please consult us before booking an online appointment.

If you are experiencing a headache that you never felt before, occurs at night or is present at all times and has never been discussed with your GP, please consult your GP before making an osteopathic appointment.

How Osteopathie Bern helps with Headaches

We aim to help you with headaches by reducing tensions in your whole upper body region such as the head, neck and shoulder girdle as well as overall body tensions which might be linked to the tensions in the neck. Furthermore, we can give you some lifestyle advice in order to reduce daily life tensions which might build up to a headache over time. 
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