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We feel honoured to be part of your healing journey by supporting you with osteopathy

Who We Are

Osteopaths who care about your pain

We are of the strong belief that caring is such an important part of what allows us to get the results we do here at Osteopathie Bern. 

We listen to you, take note of what really matters to you and make sure our plan is clear and centralised around your wants and needs. 

About Johanna Sitaras - osteopath

Johanna Sitaras M.Ost

I’m an osteopath registered in Switzerland with special interests in frozen shoulder management, TMJ (jaw) issues including bruxism and tinnitus. I also enjoy working with patients during pregnancy and after birth.
I am an osteopath who values your expectations and wants to help you to feel better by working together at all times. There is always an element within us that must want to contribute to our own healing process. As an osteopath, I can provide an impulse to enhance the body’s self healing mechanisms.
Before becoming an osteopath, I tried to grasp as much as possible of the traditional medical system as well as alternative pathways, by working with disabled persons and volunteering at hospitals.
Besides my work, I enjoy the hiking trails and lakes around the beautiful Berner Oberland.
Quote from Johanna Sitaras

"Osteopathy to me means that practitioner and patient work hand in hand together."

About Vitor Abreu da Costa - osteopath

Vitor Abreu da Costa M.Ost

I am an osteopath registered in Switzerland and the UK with a passion about health and finding ways to make you feel better and looked after.

I have a special interest in classical osteopathy which allows me to apply a more integrative traditional osteopathic approach. In general, I enjoy working with patients of all walks of life.

The body is an amazing machine and is able to compensate by creating tensions and restrictions in order to function.

However, occasionally, overloading the body’s capacities might lead to injury or disease.

In order to restore function, I aim at treating patients as a whole and not just the area that hurts, following a holistic treatment approach.

Quote from Vitor Abreu da Costa

"For me, Osteopathy is enhancing the body's capacity to help itself using it's self-healing mechanisms."

Patients Feedback

our patients are at the centre of what we do

Johanna is a very competent osteopath who takes her patients seriously and takes the time for them. I have seen her for various ailments in the past and my pain has always gone away after a few appointments.

Patient of Osteopathie Bern

After a long search, I finally found a very sensitive and extremely competent osteopath! Johanna takes a lot of time for her customers, I immediately felt very comfortable and at the latest after the first session I felt that I was in the best of hands.
Saskia V

Patient of Osteopathie Bern

osteopaths in bern

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Are you looking for a compassionate, hard-working and professional osteopath in Bern? You’ll love what we’re about.


We believe in listening to you so we can understand your pain.


We believe in making sure that you agree with and understand the plan to achieve your goals.


We believe in giving you the tools to get out of pain as quickly as possible and showing you to to make sure it stays away.


While we are professional osteopaths, we believe in making you feel welcomed into our osteopathic clinic.

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