How much does a session cost?

Osteopathy treatments are charged according to the 5 min rate:

First appointment: between CHF 130-160
Follow-up appointment: between CHF 90-130

The costs vary depending on the duration of the treatment.

Do I have to pay for the treatments myself?

If you have a supplementary insurance for complementary medicine, it will usually cover a portion of the treatment costs. Please contact your complementary insurance in advance to find out about reimbursement benefits. Depending on the insurance model, individual insurance companies require a doctor’s referral (e.g. Visana, Komplementär I, KPT). Subject to change without notice.

Otherwise, the costs must be covered privately. 

You will be billed by the doctor’s insurance company  by post with an attached claim voucher, which you can send to your supplementary insurance company.

I have SRK recognition (equivalent to the GDK diploma) and am recognised by EMR, ASCA, SNE/EGK and Visana.

Missed appointments

Appointments that are not cancelled or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged for.