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Did you know that a 2022 study showed that the most serious sports injuries in Switzerland occur during paragliding, races with vehicles or bicycles, “swinging” and horseback riding? Men are in the majority, but it is in horseback riding that more women are injured.

Typical injuries we see in our practice are whiplash injuries, which are characterized by sudden trauma to the head and neck area. They often lead to short or long term neck, head and headache pain and should definitely be clarified by a general practitioner before seeking osteopathic treatment.


Some common consequences of injuries

  • Strain of muscles or ligaments
  • Intervertebral disc problems (sometimes these occur years after an accident).
  • (Premature) arthritis/arthritis
  • Limited mobility
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fear of movement and adapted gait patterns and postures
  • Shock states with resulting increased whole-body tension

How osteopathy can help after injuries


After an injury, Osteopathy Bern often works with physiotherapists to help you achieve the best outcome and fastest recovery.

Immediately after an injury, depending on the severity of the tissue injury, we use gentle, global and rhythmic manual techniques to promote healing of the injured tissue. In addition, we provide tips to help you navigate daily life and avoid long recovery times. Our goal is for you to return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

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